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Founder + Chief Storyteller at Adamant Lemon Designs

I have said that a few times in the last week or so, feeling like I was finally ready to share my lil lemon baby with you all but at the same time feeling like – “how the hell have I pulled this off?!”. If you know me (hi mom!) you know I have loved crafts, art, writing and all things creative for ever. I mean literally since I can remember I have been creatively focused, forcing my family members to be cast members in a personal rendition of the Nutcracker (even the dog, OKAY), making a tiny desk golf game for my Dad for Christmas, scrapbooking, crocheting, card making, painting and now home decor & design as we bought our very own house this year and I got to live my Joanna Gaines dreams (finally!).

So with this creative brain of mine, you’d think I was headed straight to a creative industry after high school, but that didn’t work out for me in the sense that I didn’t feel like I was good enough for art, or had a strong enough voice for journalism or the drive to become an events planner and about a million other things so instead I did a 180 from even thinking about University and jumped on the College train because I wanted to have a hands on experience and I thought maybe that would help me understand where my skills really were. So I applied for Business – Marketing at Fanshawe College and never looked back. Moving to London from Clarington was a change I needed and I got to meet some seriously awesome people, profs and got to mentor with some serious #ladybosses along the way. The thing about marketing was that I realized (after also realizing sales was not for me) I could write, create art and execute my own ideas for events in one job.

Ready to add some zest to your marketing?

Within a few years I got to work with an amazing Mortgage Agent who showed me what being an entrepreneur means. After that experience lead me to work with another amazing female business leader in the London community, I had the opportunity to grow and learn about SEO, Website Design, Copywriting and my first brush (heh) with Adobe Illustrator. From there, I took a third year of college to cement my abilities in search engine optimization, search engine marketing, event marketing, data analysis, and of hands on experiences with real brands for my classes (reason #50000 I love Fanshawe College), but as my courses continued on I got more and more homesick and I knew when I finished school, we’d be moving back (we being my super fantastic, loving, supportive partner of almost 6 years, Cory) to Clarington.

So after that long winded explanation, you might be asking yourself where this leaves me now. As I mentioned earlier, 2019 saw us move back to Clarington, find awesome jobs in our respective fields and because of that, we met our superhuman, super amazing Realtor/my (daytime) boss. She helped us find us the perfect place to call home and after all that, I finally felt ready to make my sometimes-side hustle legitimate and even give it a name – Adamant Lemon Designs. (Sidenote – if you are looking for a Realtor in Durham that will actually keep it real, there is no one more grounded, talented and kind than Kim…not that I am in any way biased )

So summed up, Adamant Lemon Designs is a culmination of a life of creative ideas mixed with a marketing education, sprinkled with super timely exposure to entrepreneurship. I do simple, modern web design, graphics, logos, social media help & branding for small businesses here in Clarington, and I hope you’ll stick around here for updates, tips & random life goings on.

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